Hans Wegner Style The Chair - Wooden Dining Lounge Arm Chair

  • 199.99 USD

“If only you could design just one good chair in your life….But you simply cannot,” It turns out he could! Yes, these are Hans Wegner’s very own words. And we are about to present one of his iconic designs that is not merely good but exceptional. He inaugurated this piece in 1949 and it came to be known as “The Chair” in 1960 after being used by Nixon and Kennedy presidential debate on television. It certainly has a character and reflects Wegner’s “Organic Functionality”.

  • Sturdy and timeless design with a beautiful silhouette
  • From dining space to the conference area, convenient for a large number of settings
  • Portrays prominent Danish designer’s sense of perfectionism
  • Timeless mid-century classic with a historical prestige


Durable Ash wooden frame

Premium quality faux black leather


30" high x 25" wide x 21" deep

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