One Piece 'S' Shape Zigzag Chair In Style Of Verner Panton - White

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The first and perhaps the most influential ultra-modern furniture design of the mid-century is Verner Panton’s S Chair. It is famously recognized as the first single-material, cantilevered-base chair. This innovative design won several awards world-wide and has become a remarkable inspiration in the design and furniture realm. “S Chair” owes much of this success to its sleek style, unusually striking form and tremendously exotic color range. It has also proved its immense versatility as it has worked great in a large number of very different settings; from dining room to bedroom, from study area to out on the patio and deck. Hence, this is a sensational must-have piece, all together a design icon!

  • Strong and sturdy ABS plastic affords the chair high quality and endurance
  • Its curvy, sophisticated silhouette and contoured form provide optimum comfort
  • Designed to be stacked, so multiple chairs can be organized and put away in a matter of minutes
  • Significantly versatile, ideal for a great deal of varying environments
  • A large array of vibrant colours that will remain as bright as the first day, for many years to come
  • Great value when mixed and matched with any of our dining chair selection


Made from single molded ABS


32" high x 19.1" wide x 22.6" deep

Seat height is 16.7"

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