Philippe Starck Style Victoria Ghost Side Chair - Midnight Black Acrylic

  • 129.99 USD

The French architect and industrial designer Philippe Starck is famously known with his ability to refine the look of centuries old designs using modern materials. The Ghost chair has been blowing the minds of design-lovers since its introduction in 2002 and is well recognized as "Victoria Ghost Chair". Due to its barely-there, fluid, crystal clear visual, the Ghost chair seamlessly fit into any décor style while infusing a modern character and adding a sense of nostalgia into the setting. Despite its delicate look, this is a remarkably durable piece thanks to the material used, highly acclaimed acrylic.

  • Innovative, brilliant and modern take on a historical classic design

  • Creates stunning design schemes while occupying zero visual space

  • Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors; perfect for residential or commercial spaces

  • Acrylic is guaranteed to offer longevity and does not chip over time


Midnight Black Molded Acrylic


34.2" high x 13.5" wide x 21.6" deep

Seat height is 18.5 inches

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