Poul Henningsen Style Artichoke Pendant Ceiling Lamp, 18.8 - White

  • 299.99 USD
  • Save $170.00 USD

Looking for a chic lighting solution? Here we have the Artichoke pendant lamp with its brushed aluminium ‘leaves’ and artistic style, literally brightening up any room! The design of the lamp allows the aluminium petals to reflect patterns on the walls around it, creating a unique ambience unavailable with traditional lighting solutions. The Artichoke lamp is also available in a range of classy metallic finishes.

  • Adjustable cable for convenience of hanging
  • Multiple colour options to suit your interior
  • Artichoke is available in 2 sizes
  • Unique lighting reflection casts patters on your walls


Brushed and coloured aluminium leaves

Stainless Steel adjustable height cables


18.8" high x 18.8" wide x 18.8"deep

4.9 feet adjustable hanging cable

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