Premium Quality Decorative Acrylic Ghost Stool/Side Table Philippe Starck Style - Clear

  • 89.99 USD

The French architect and industrial designer Philippe Starck is famously known with his ability to refine the look of centuries old designs using modern materials.

Due to its barely-there, fluid, crystal clear visual, the Ghost stool seamlessly fit into any décor style while infusing a modern character into the setting. Despite its delicate look, this is a remarkably durable piece thanks to the material used, highly acclaimed acrylic.

  • Innovative, brilliant and a modern piece to fit in any space

  • Creates stunning design schemes while occupying minimal visual space

  • Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors

  • Acrylic does not chip and/or yellow over time, clarity is impeccable

  • Exquisite design can be used as a stool, side table or just a decorative item


Heat Molded Crystal Clear Acrylic

Measurements (Height, Width, Depth)

17.7" high x 11.8" wide x 11.8" deep