White Round Parable Dining Table & Set of 4 One Piece Blue S Chairs, Aarnio & Panton Style

  • 1,299.99 USD

Looking for a funky, contemporary dining set which will leave your guests admiring your space!? We are proud to offer an exquisite set with unique mid-century modern era pieces, the Parabel Table and S Chairs, and their impeccably sculptured, ultra-modern designs and retro space-age styles.

Eero Aarnio style Parabel Dining Table is our personal favorite, similar in style to Aarnio’s Ball Globe, Egg Pod chairs and possess sculptural forms dominating Aarnio's design style, yet the Parabel Table's asymmetry elevates it to another level. 

The innovative design of Verner Panton’s S Chair won several awards world-wide and has become a remarkable inspiration in the design and furniture realm. “S Chair” owes much of this success to its sleek style, unusually striking form and tremendously exotic color range. It has also proved its immense versatility as it has worked great in a large number of very different settings; from dining room to bedroom, from study area to out on the patio and deck.

These design icons combined and hence, made a sensational must-have set. It is hard not to appreciate the sculpture-esc and futuristic visuals this great dining set has to offer.

  • Curvy, sophisticated silhouette of both the table and chairs provide optimum comfort
  • Strong and sturdy ABS plastic affords the S chair high quality and endurance
  • S Chairs with a large array of vibrant colors that will remain as bright as the first day
  • Parabel table is made from white fiberglass lacquered gloss finish for durability and a chic look
  • Significantly versatile set, ideal for a great deal of varying environments, home or office
  • Great value, fantastic combination, high quality reproduction of the original designs



Panton Style S Chair is made from single molded Solid ABS

Aarnio Style Parable Table top is made from glossy laminated long lasting fiberglass, and the base is cast for stability


-Panton Style S Chair

32" high x 19" wide x 23" deep

 -Aarnio style Parabel Table

29” high x 51” wide x 51” deep